Suffering from hot flashes or hormonal imbalances? Has your medical doctor or family members recommended hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormones? Remember theses four things…

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Breast Cancer
  3. Blood Clots
  4. Stroke

A large clinical trial found that hormone replacement therapy, commonly known as HRT, significantly increases your risk for all four. In fact, the results of a study called the Women’s Health Initiative found a 26% increase in breast cancer for women undergoing HRT.

According to the Mayo Clinic and the FDA, bio-identical hormones are no more effective than traditional HRT and may in fact be riskier.

The key to alleviating symptoms is finding out why your hormones are out of balance. HRT will not solve the primary problem. The body will distribute resources to the most important areas first – the heart, liver, brain, kidneys, etc. Troublesome hormonal symptoms are really indicators of deficiencies, imbalances or toxicities which are robbing the body of nutrients essential to proper hormone balance.

Vitamin and mineral imbalances, poor lifestyle habits and toxic element exposure can lead to hormonal imbalances. Your Science Based Nutrition® provider can help you find natural and safe alternatives to HRT and bio-identical hormone therapies.

Start by completing our patient symptom survey which aides in determining what comprehensive tests to order, informs us of any medications you are taking, and indicates the symptoms you are experiencing. Once your test results are in, we compile all of the data in a comprehensive, color-coded report that is easy to read and understand. Using your unique test data, the Science Based Nutrition® report will reveal your underlying health deficiencies and indicate the nutrients and diet that will likely help you progress toward a healthier you. Contact us today to learn more about the Science Based Nutrition® program.