Q: Does Dr. Jean accept insurance? No, the tests that she runs are not paid for by insurance.
You can use your HSA or flexible spending card, cash, check, credit cards, and Care Credit.

Q: If I have a phone consultation scheduled with Dr. Jean, do I call her or will she call me?
Dr. Jean will call you – if she is a few minutes behind, please be patient, she will call you.

Q: What if I live in a different time zone?
Dr. Jean is in EST – so please be aware of the time difference when you schedule your appointment.

Q: Do I arrange payment at the time of my initial visit?
No, you will need to pay for your initial visit at the time you book it. This confirms that the time slot belongs to you.

Q: What labs does Dr. Jean need to see?
You will be reminded to email/snail mail your most recent labs to her or Elizabeth at least a week before your visit. Dr. Jean will have to see what you’ve had done before making any recommendations.

Q: Do I call the office to confirm my appointment?
No, Dr. Jean’s assistant Karen will be emailing you to confirm either your in-office or telehealth appointment. If you don’t receive one, please check your spam folder.

Q: Just like in the world of medicine, there are no guarantees from Dr. Jean regarding health
outcomes. She investigates all possibilities through testing before making recommendations based on your test results.

Q: When should I arrive at the office for my appointment?
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior.

Q: When should I submit my paperwork?
Please submit your intake forms and any recent labs to either Elizabeth at 334lawrencewellness@gmail.com, or Dr. Jean at lawrencewellness@gmail.com at LEAST 24-48 hours before your appointment.